Google Adsense Approval Tips Nepal 2020

Google Adsense Approval Tips linako laagi tapaile kehi Creative Work Garnu Parchha. Unique Content dekhi liyara Unique thinking huna Jaruri Chha. Yadi Tapai Blog Create Garera Google Adsense Approval lina chahanu Hunchha Vane, Yaha Taapaile kehi Simple or Unique Tips use Garnu parne Hunchha.

Google Adsense Approval Tips 2020

Chahe YouTube, Blogger, Other Host Site Bata Adsense Approval, Lina Chaahanu Hunchha Vane Tapaile ChuTaChutai Policy paaunu Hunechha. Youtube ko laagi Youtube Le Rakhera Policy laai Learn Garnuhos. Or Website Blog ko lagi blog Site policy/Requirement laai Pura Garnuhos.

Yaha Taapai Blog Ko laagi Hununchha Vane, Privacy Policy, disclaimer, About, Contact Jasta Page Anibarya Banaunu Parchha.

Google Adsense Approval Tips Nepal 2020
Google Adsense Approval Tips Nepal 2020

Eligibility Requirements For Adsense
Google Adsense Approval Linako Laagi tapailai kehi Requirement Chhahinchha. Jasma Kun kun requirement chhahinchha tyo Yas Post maa Bataunechhu. Google Adsense Paauna Tapailaai Kehi Yaska Policy haru Follow Garnu Parne Hunchha. Google Adsense Approval Tips in Nepal, Kunai Pani Country Hos Teha Google Adsense Approval Tips Same Hunchha. Google Adsense Le Kun Language Support Garchha. Tehi Language Ma Website Banaunu Parchha. Google Adsense Support Language Read Garnuhos. 4 Tips for Adsense Approved You Can Read.

1. Write Unique And Interesting Content
Google Adsense Approval Tips Madhya No. 1 Tips Write Unique and Interesting Content Ho. Jasma tapaile Kunai Pani Articles Copy Nagarera Post Lekhnu Parne Hunchha. Copyright content tapaiko Website maa Hunuhudaina. Website ma interesting content or Unique content Hunu Prachha.

2. Don’t Use Copyright Image
Google Adsense Approval Paauna Chahanu Hunchha Vane Tapaile Birsera Pani Copyright Image Use Garnu Hudaina. Unique Content sangai Interesting Content or Without copyright Image Hunu parchha. Image Ko laagi Free Without Copyright Pixabay Bata Download Garera Use Garna saknu Hunechha. Mero Website haruma Pixabay Ka image Use Garchhu.

3. Does your content comply with the AdSense Program policies
Adsense Ko Program Policies Complete Garnu Parne hunchha. Tapaile yas baree Information ko Laagi Adsense Program Policies Read Garna saknu Hunechha. Jasma tapaile Tala diyaka Kura laai Dhyaan dianuhola.

Read: Adsense Program Policies

  • Invalid clicks and Impressions
  • Encouraging Click or View (Non-rewarded inventory)
  • Content Policies
  • Abusive Experiences
  • Authorized Inventory (ads.txt)
  • Traffic Sources
  • Ad Behavior
  • Ad Placement
  • Site Behavior
  • Technical Requirement
  • Google Advertising Cookies
  • Identifying User and User Consent
  • Privacy
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Read: Adsense Approved Site

Mathi diyaka Policies Laai Read Garna saknu Hunechha. Jaba ki tapaile Negative Positive Behavior laai hernu parne Hunchha. COPPA laai dhyan diyara Content Publice Garnu Parchha. Google Support Language laai Pani dhyan Rakhnu Hos.

4. Are you at least 18 years old?
K Tapai 18 Years Old Hunu vayo. Yadi tapai 18 Years Vanda Tala Hununchha Vane Adsense Approval Hudaina. Adsense ko lagi Tapai 18 Years Old Hunu Parchha. Yadi tapai 18 Barshako Hununna Vane, tapaiko dai, Sister, Dad, Ko Name bata Adsense Account Banauna Saknu Hunechha. 18 Years Hununchha Vane Easy Tarikale Adsense Account Banauna Sakinechha.

5. If you use Blogger, YouTube or another Host partner
Tapai Sang Blogger, Youtube or Other WordPress Host Partner Site hunu Parchha. Jasko madatle tapaile Adsense ko Laagi Apply Garna Saknu Hunechha. Google Adsense approval ko lagi Blogger, YouTube, Other Platform Baata Adsense maa Account Banauna Saknuhunchha.

Adsense Approval for Blogger 2020

Adsense Approval For Blogger, Tapaile Blogger Ko Laagi Google Adsense Approval Lina Chahanu Hunchha Vane, Tapaile kehi Tips & Trick Follow Garnu Parne Hunchha. Blogger Ko Laagi Google Adsense Approval For Blogger, Yasma Tapaile Tala Diyaka Tips Follow Garnu Parne Hunchha. google adsense approval trick Tapailai Free Ma Diyaka Chhau. Jasbata Tapai Google Adsense Approval Lina saknu Hunechha.

  • Unique Content
  • Interesting Content
  • Create Page (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Term, and Condition, About, Contact)
  • Not Use Copyright Image & Content
  • Follow Google Adsense Policy (Not Use Sexual Content)

Google Adsense Approval Trick

Kunai Pani Platform Ma Google Adsense Approval Trick Linako Laagi Google Adsense Policy Same Hunchha. Jasma tapaile Google Adsense Policy laai Follow Garnu Hunchha. Tesma tapai Adsense Approval line Hunechha.

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